Our Vision

There is an ache for connection in the United States today.  At a time when politics is more polarized, conversation is by text, families are more dispersed, and people are living longer alone, Americans find themselves lonely and lacking connection.  In fact, in a nationwide survey by Cigna among 20,000 adults the results were startling:

  • Only 53% report having meaningful, in-person social interactions daily!
  • Nearly half report feeling alone (46%) or left out always or sometimes (47%).
  • 54% say they feel that no one knows them well.
  • 56% report they sometime or always felt like the people around them “are not necessarily with them.”
  • And two in five felt that their relationships aren’t meaningful (43%) and they are isolated from others. (43%)
  • One in five, (18%) report they do not have someone they feel like they can talk to.
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Introduction – What’s Here and Why

Why does this website exist?

I’ve always been interested in things that strengthen the community. That ranges from political organizing in my 20s (aimed at providing stable housing and keeping neighborhoods working as a communities) on to ongoing efforts to get folks together for potlucks, hikes, dance parties, family reunions and the like.

Recently I noticed that a variety of political and social commentators have names a strong network of friends as a key antidote to political craziness, social media manipulation, and even some negative health effects.

I agree and have argued the same. I’ve thought I’ve trying to add what I’ve learned to the pot.

What finally tipped this this website from concept to  reality?

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Build Bridges – Resource Links

Random list of possible resources for bridging political divides