Creating Opportunities to Say “Hello!”

I love our backyard! I have created an oasis that provides me multiple levels for entertaining and hosting, but because it is such a sanctuary when we are back there, no one knows we are there.

To combat the isolation of our own making, we have moved 2 chairs out to our front lawn and sometimes we will sit out there.  We will text the next-door neighbors to let them know we are out.  If they are free, they bring their chairs and join us.  If they aren’t free, no worries, my husband and I have a chance to talk, read, and connect. As people come and go from their cars or their home, we wave and they may run by for a quick chat. Often times, they will bring their chair or chairs over. New neighbors come over to introduce themselves.  Babysitting connections are made. Iced tea or a bottle of wine may spontaneously appear. Conversations come easily as the fireflies come out. 

Front lawn sitting has spread. Others on the block have now also moved two chairs to their front lawn. Sitting out front is now an open invitation to stop by and chat. It only took part of one summer to catch on. The great thing is that there is no cost involved. There is no organization or food necessary. It is simple and anyone can do it. All that is required are a chair, a smile and a wave!

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