5 to 20 Minutes a Month – Organize Hikes: Walking and Talking


It’s a great way to build community. In addition, it has significant health benefits to everyone that joins in:

The smart move is to combine them all.

Simplest: Go hiking. Invite people.

Pick folks that don’t all know each other to encourage conversation.

Group Hike Photo

A bit more complex.

  • Example screen from DoodleLaunch a Doodle to find some dates with general availability.
    • Use the Make a Choice option (not Schedule an Event).
    • Fill in the Day and Date of Saturdays and Sundays and Holiday days off for the next 8 weeks.
  • Email a bunch of folks.
  • Wait a week.
  • Find the most popular dates and send out a call for Benign Dictators.
  • The Benign Dictator’s (BD’s) job?
    • Set a time and date.
    • Set a location.
  • Everyone else’s job?
    • Hear and obey
  • Things to remember:
    • It’s always nice to have a place in mind for post hike snacks and beverages.
    • Set late conditions, eg. 15 or 20 minutes after the planned departure time we’ll leave a note on Car X, License Plate XXXX with any needed info on the exact route and then depart on the hike.
    • Invite a mix folks that don’t all know each other well. It gives folks more to talk about.

Group Hike Photo

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