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The contents here can be divided into three groups:

  1. Tools for strengthening the tribe, i.e. ones connections to family and friends.
  2. Tools for building bridges. How do you communicate with our right- wing uncle or, if you’re the right wing uncle, your left-wing nephew.
  3. An attempt to develop a lexicon for the emotional underpinnings of cooperation and altruism.

There’s a more detailed Table of Contents below or you can click the category in the side panel to see all articles.

Why does this website exist?

I’ve always been interested in things that strengthen the community. That ranges from political organizing in my 20s (aimed at providing stable housing and keeping neighborhoods working as a communities) on to ongoing efforts to get folks together for potlucks, hikes, dance parties, family reunions and the like.

Recently I noticed that a variety of political and social commentators called out a strong network of friends as a key antidote to political craziness and social media manipulation. I agree and have argued the same.

The things that finally tipped this this website from concept to  reality?

  1. I had a conversation at a Holotropic workshop about tribes and their emotional underpinnings.That crystallized something I’d been contemplating: we lack a vocabulary to describe the emotions that bind groups of people together. Is that just English? Can we fix that? Are there other languages that have the words? Are there academic disciplines that have developed technical terms?
  2. Someone sent an offer to buy this domain name. I refused telling them I had a project in mind. I figured I’d better put up or shut up.

And here we are.

Their are three interrelated foci to AmalgamatedAmalgamations:

Table of Contents

1) Strengthen the Tribe

2) Build Bridges

Build Bridges – Resource Links

3) The Research Project: Is there a word for that?

Definition: A Paucity of Words

    • Further thoughts:
    • Examples:

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